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Sharjah is known as a place where art and culture are explored and celebrated, and Al Noor Island is home to some of its most visually stunning art installations and sculptures. From the gleaming meadows that guide the way along moonlit boardwalks to the mesmerising serenity of Torus installation, and the dancing lights of the OVO installation, Al Noor Island is a visual and sensory treat for the lovers of art and sculpture.

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Torus by David Harber

Torus by David Harber is a flawlessly curated mirrored tube installation with convex curves, brilliant mirror-polished stainless steel and a sharp-edged design that shimmers like cut diamonds. Its joyful reflection of modernity invites the viewers for a challenge of perception and illusion.

Flutter by Chris Wood

This piece pays tribute to the migratory flight paths of some butterfly species. Their journeys are represented in meandering lines of optical dichroic panels. The artwork produces patterns of coloured light that change over the day, reflecting the metamorphic transformation and fleeting life of these beautiful insects. Hidden within this artwork is a coded message which honours the painted lady butterflies migration. Using binary code techniques to decipher the arrangement of dichroic filters, Wood has embedded their migrated journey of '9000 miles’ through the pattern design of this sculpture.

Fossil Rocks

Peering into history and centuries of peaceful formation, Al Noor Island's shimmering Rock Crystal, Amethyst and Stone Tree fossil rocks sit quietly in shaded woods, representing their age, strength, and character. These giant yet precious gems have witnessed our world evolve, and their secrets can only be guessed.

ACT Lighting Design & OVO Art Installation

The egg-shaped OVO installation skilfully combines wood, LED lighting, and water to create a stunning visual treat and an all-encompassing sensory experience. Get ready to be transported into a fantasy world with a wondrous play of light and animation as you walk through the domed structure to the pavilion’s two portals, over a reflective water pool. It is a shining example of conceptual and design brilliance.

Columns by Susanne Schmögner

Austrian designer Susanne Schogner created 'Columns' — a technicolour series of colourfully painted Columns that stand tall and proud against a backdrop of lush greens that make up the Island's rich flora and fauna. Linear, abstract, and eye-catching, these sculptural columns lie only a foot away from the wild grasses and dramatic cacti.

The Swing by Azza Al Qubaisi

Inspired by the nation’s pearling history, The Swing honours the women who would anxiously wait on the shores praying for their husbands’ safe return. The art piece, which sits on the western shore of Al Noor Island overlooking the water of Khalid Lagoon, invites guests to swing in the serenity of this tucked away space. An indirectly lit walkway leading to the piece guides visitors to discover this secretly hidden getaway on the island where The Swing can be found shaped by seven abstract pieces with ghaf and palm tree leaves cut into them. Underneath them, the stainless steel allows for an ever-changing play of reflection with the surrounding nature and lights.